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Sauder furniture established in 1934
About Sauder Funeral Products
Established in 1934, we are a third-generation, family-owned company located in Archbold, Ohio. Our desire for success in funeral products is based on the practical beginnings and long history of the Sauder Family Companies. These deep roots, this heritage of innovation, and the small-town values of hard work, stewardship and trust make the decision to select a casket from Sauder Funeral Products an easy one.

As part of a company that serves customers from local churches and large businesses to today’s mega retailers, Sauder Funeral Products draws from a deep reservoir of business experience.

In 2007, we applied furniture manufacturing experience and proprietary technology to create a revolutionary line of affordable funeral caskets that provides incredible value for today’s families. 

We address the changing needs of customers by providing value-priced,  quality products and unparalleled service. Hand built and finished in the finest wood patterns, our caskets offer families a no-compromise value.

Why Caskets
The marketplace around our furniture products was changing, and we knew that we had to adapt to remain relevant.  TVs keep getting bigger, desktop computers are giving way to laptops, and microwaves are built into kitchen cabinets.

We sat down with our internal team to brainstorm new product ventures. Long-time employee, Larry Holland, will always be remembered for his cheeky suggestion to start building “underground furniture.” His idea was initially discarded, but later revisited and explored by Myrl Sauder. While it is unlikely that caskets were what Larry had in mind, his comment planted the seed for what would become Sauder Funeral Products.

History of Sauder Woodworking Co.
In 1934, Erie J. Sauder started a woodworking business in a barn behind his home in Archbold, Ohio. Originally a builder of custom cabinetry and church pews, he began crafting small occasional tables from the fine, leftover wood. The workmanship of these tables eventually inspired a traveling salesman to place an astounding order of 25,000 — a seemingly impossible quantity for a budding company. But with a little ingenuity and a lot of determination, Erie found the answer — a patented table that could be assembled at home. And it was this snap-together table that marked the beginning of the ready-to-assemble furniture industry.

Sauder Family Companies
Sauder Funeral Products is a fully owned entity of Sauder Woodworking Co. and a part of the Sauder Family Companies, a privately-held, third generation, family-run business that's been headquartered in Archbold, Ohio since 1934.  With its 3,000 employees, the Sauder Family Companies generate sales over $600 million annually. 

Sauder Family Companies Include:
  • Sauder (ready-to-assemble) Furniture - a maker and importer of furniture and office chairs for every room in the house
  • Progressive Furniture - a maker and importer of solid wood, wood veneer, and laminate case goods furniture
  • Sauder Manufacturing Company - a leading manufacturer in worship furniture, church, educational, and health care seating.
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