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Weathered oak with texture you can feel
Versatile casket available in 4 finishes and oversized
Value priced dome-lid casket
Available in Standard and 33” Oversized
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Families have options. Families can honor their loved ones with a casket that is beautiful for a ceremony and then practical for cremation. Sauder caskets are made of wood – including the lift bed – so they cremate almost entirely … all except for a handful of metal hardware.
The Sauder Advantage

All Sauder caskets are a versatile “crossover” product that can be used for a ceremony and then cremation or burial. 

Sauder caskets are pleasing to the eye, yet value-priced, especially when you compare them to solid wood. 

Sauder and Victoriaville combined have over 130 years experience making caskets.  Both are still family owned.

We use engineered wood that’s made from renewable resources. This process allows us to protect the environment and make caskets with the warmth and beauty of wood.  Learn More
America's Best Engineered Wood Caskets
Hand built and finished throughout in the finest wood patterns, funeral caskets from Sauder Funeral Products offer revolutionary value and unparalleled appearance and quality. Our propriety technology makes it possible to create an affordable funeral casket that looks and feels like solid wood - for half the cost.

Our funeral caskets can be used for burial or cremation, providing families with flexability and enabling funeral directors to reduce inventory with versatile products.
Our Story
We are a third-generation, family-owned company with more than 85 years of manufacturing experience. Our proprietary technology and innovative spirit helped us develop a casket line that meets the needs of the average American family.

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We sell our innovative products exclusively to U.S. independent distributors. The funeral industry is changing rapidly and we are dedicated to providing products and resources that position our distributors for success.

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